We, humans, have spines. These spines of ours have nerves going through them to the rest of our bodies to ensure sensations, guiding of activities, thinking, etc.

Our spines are segmented with each segment called a vertebra stacked atop each other.

Now, we have the central(C) and peripheral(P) Nervous Systems(NS).

The CNS consists of the brain and spinal cord.

PNS consists of the nerves branching from the spinal cord to the rest of the body.

The nerves of the PNS are what branch out through the spine.

The spine being bony doesn’t really allow much flexibility for motion, especially when our vertebrae compress on themselves to ensure motion. So as a solution, our body has ensured little fluid-filled
sacs or discs to be placed between each vertebra to ensure that there is flexibility and cushion while the nerves aren’t pressed upon.

But, like all other body parts, the discs aren’t impervious to damage or wearing down. So, when there’s more pressure applied to the vertebrae than the disc can cushion, it starts to leak. And after that, it continues to leak the healthy fluid inside under the slightest pressure until there isn’t any more cushioning.

This leaves the spinal nerves under the deflated discs to be the ones facing the brunt of vertebral pressure with each strain. To ensure that something is done about them being pinched, they send the brain pain signals to let us know.

We, though, apply balms, sprays, and take OTC medications to make the nerves numb to the pinching. The nerve is still being pinched.

But we don’t “feel” it, because the numb nerve can’t send signals.

Therefore there is always relapse when spinal compression is the cause of pain, the medications, sprays, and balms will wear off.

There is the other solution of getting surgery done. These ensure that the spine is realigned to the proper position to reduce pressure and fix the deflated, herniated, or inflamed disc (all caused by pressure).

But surgeries are expensive, require recovery time, can go very wrong (if done improperly or there isn’t enough healing done), can lead to infections and then meds for that infection, and surgeries aren’t optimal for people of a certain age or with certain health issues.

That is when Decompression comes in.

Decompression works based on reversing the effects of spinal compression (De-compression) by elongating the spine at different angles and pressures.

  • This allows for the fluids and nutrients blocked from circulating by the spinal pressure to move freely (improving circulation).
  • This ensures the discs get the space (elongation) and fluids to fill up in it (circulation). The nutrients and oxygen help heal the disc quicker too, to ensure lesser leakages until it doesn’t leak anymore.
  • The disc gets popped back into position, in case of bulging or herniated disc when the spine is fully elongated.
  • These reduce the pressure on the nerve, so pain reduction occurs until there’s no more pain.
  • The improved circulation occurs throughout the spine, not just the affected area, so the nerves carry nutrients to the brain which then functions better.
  • The circulation also ensures better immunity as there’s better circulation occurring.

There are a lot more benefits to Decompression, like relaxation, sinus control, sciatica relief, etc. So, whatever health issue you have, call my office to be seen. Book a decompression appointment with us and get healthy again!

Happy healing!