Job Posting: Acupuncturist

Seahurst Chiropractic Clinic Inc PS is seeking an Acupuncturist to examine, diagnose, and establish patient treatment, including appropriate acupuncture therapy and other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments to clients in a variety of areas, including pain, fertility issues for men and women, pregnancy, anxiety, stress, and other mental health conditions, migraines, concussion, chronic illness, autoimmune diseases, and cosmetic and rejuvenation therapy.

Specific job duties include:

A. Collect medical history of patients, conduct physical examinations, assess general physical appearance of patients, and evaluate medical histories to make diagnoses in accordance with the practice of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine;

B. Develop, treat, and provide individual treatment plans and strategies using acupuncture and related forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese herbs, microneedling, point injection therapy, and moxi to clients;

C. Compound, prescribe, and dispense Chinese herbs, as needed, to treat conditions as part of individualized patient treatment plan and provide patients with information about dosage, frequency, treatment duration, and other relevant drug information;

D. Evaluate progress of treatment, consider changes to treatment plan, and make recommendations to clients as needed to further promote health of patients;

E. Maintain detailed and accurate Electronic Health Records charting for each patient, including health care plans and prognoses;

F. Communicate with collaborating physicians or specialists regarding patient care.

G. Educate patients about health maintenance and disease prevention.

EOE. To apply, email resume to w/reference to Job Code: Acc0723.


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